© 2019 by Franziska Vogt



The term one trick pony is used to refer to something which can only be used for one very specific application. Usually it lacks in flexibility and is unable to work outside very specific parameters. 

Pondering about it, I delve into this nostalgic, over-saturrated and odd horse racing world. Have you ever thought about one trick jewellery? I think you can find them just there - wehere sports enthusiasts, gamblers and members of the high society meet. They come as ribbons, sashes, badges, medals and so forth. This kind of jewellery is not considered valuable by its material virtue, but by its highly representative and subjective one. 

As the expression one trick pony is usually used in a disparaging way, this collection focusses on a beauty that lies within it. 

photographer:   Christian Metzler

model:                Jessy und Josy Aydt

                            Hagen Garhöfer