© 2019 by Franziska Vogt



Whilst researching about fishing, I came across a South-Corean island, Jeju, where there is an ancient matriarchal culture to be found. Diving women named „Haenyeo“ have been hunting for centuries for seafood. These women have to tackle a current ecoissue - plastic pollution and extensive-fishing. Their hunting grounds are pretty empty now and they have to work on land - farming or work in the tourism industry.

This tendency inspired me to work with old plastic material in the first place. I seek inspiration from the island culture of the Haenyeo Women, from Neo-Fishermen living in the cities, from their fishing tools and their bait.

Reusing discarded plastics, I generated my own material for an eco-conscious jewellery and accessory collection.

Fotograf:      Sebastian Heck

Model:          Fabia Brüning